Bar Council Pocket Book Series


(1) What is Bar Council Pocket Book Series?
(2) What are the Purposes of this Project?
(3) What Subjects Will be Covered?
(4) Submission Guidelines
(5) Criteria for Selection of Manuscript
(6) Editing of Manuscript


What is Bar Council Pocket Book Series?


As part of a new initiative, the Bar Council, in collaboration with the Malaysian Current Law Journal (“MCLJ”), intends
to publish a series of legal titles — the Malaysian Bar Pocket Book Series (“Pocket Book Series”) — that focus on
contemporary issues relating to the practice of law. These legal guides will be written by lawyers, for lawyers.


The Pocket Book Series is intended to provide detailed content on individual topics within various practice areas, and
to contain useful, practical insights on key legal principles. Each book will be a mini-guide containing the
fundamentals of an area of law, along with practical information for both practising and aspiring lawyers.


The Bar Council invites Members with legal research and writing skills, as well as relevant practical legal experience,
to contribute to the Pocket Book Series.


What are the Writer’s Benefits? 


With the Pocket Book Series, writers will:

  • write on specific topics within a practice area, and not be daunted by the prospect of writing an entire book;
  • start their foray into authorship with the necessary editorial support;
  • not need to negotiate terms independently, as the terms have already been negotiated for them;
  • become recognised as having knowledge and experience in specific practice areas; and
  • retain full copyright of their writing, and earn royalties for publications that are sold.


What Subjects will be Covered? 


The initial subjects for the Pocket Book Series include:

  • civil litigation;
  • conveyancing practice;
  • Islamic banking and finance;
  • intellectual property; and
  • family law.


If you have knowledge and skills in other areas and are interested to author other titles, please contact us.


To express your interest, or for more information regarding guidelines for submission and terms of publication,
please contact Santhi Latha, Director, Bar Council Continuing Professional Development Department, by email at Aspiring authors should include a detailed curriculum vitae outlining their experience
and qualifications in their chosen subject.


Submission Guidelines


(1) Submission of Author’s Manuscript


The manuscript shall contain: 

  • Double spacing 
  • Large font 


The onus is upon the Author(s) to avoid any form of plagiarism. The Publisher shall not be responsible for any form of plagiarism found in the Pocket Book Series. The Publisher also reserves the right not to accept the manuscript if there is reasonable suspicion of plagiarism found in the said manuscript.


Based on the size of the Pocket Book Series, the word count will be 345 words per page.


Criteria for Selection of Manuscript


The manuscript submitted by the Author should possess quality of grammar that will require minimal editing and supervision works beyond what is standard editing procedure for a publisher. 


The respective Author should possess a sound understanding of the subject matter they intend to write about in the Pocket Book Series. The Publisher shall not be held liable for any misinformation/misrepresentation in the Pocket Book Series. 


The manuscript shall contain the most recent developments and trends relating to the subject matter and contains no known inaccuracies. 


The manuscript shall be original to the Author and shall not have been published earlier or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. 


The manuscript shall contain no matter that is libellous, obscene, in violation of any copyright, proprietary or personal right, or be otherwise actionable or in contravention of law. 


Editing of Manuscript


The Publisher may make any alterations, substitutions, additions and/or deletions to the Author’s manuscript or any adaptations, rearrangements or translations to it. 


The Publisher has the right to edit the manuscript as is necessary and appropriate and BCM and/or Author may provide feedback, views, opinion and/or advice on the edited Work of the Publisher which the Publisher may accept at its sole discretion. 



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