Ethics and Professional Standards Course

The Traditional Course Structure


Bar Council has been conducting the traditional Ethics and Professional Standards (“Ethics”) Course since 2006. This traditional Ethics course is a mandatory requirement for all pupils, and approximately 1000 pupils completed the traditional Ethics course each year. The traditional course comprised a full day of face-to-face training and a three-hour written examination.


A decision was taken by Bar Council to revamp the course content and structure in June 2016, and a two-year agreement was signed with US-based McGraw-Hill Education Group (“MHE”) in August 2016 to allow users to access their online Smart-Book platform.


The content for the course was updated and placed fully online in February 2017. The structure of the new Ethics Course is as follows:


Online training & assessment


While reading the modules on the MHE platform, users will be required to answer varying multiple choice questions on the different modules.


Written assessment


Once this is completed, pupils will be required to complete five question written assessment done unsupervised. Pupils will be required to provide a 300-word answer to one pre-set question each for Modules 1-5.


Face-to-face training


The face-to-face training session, (with the option to be conducted by Bar Council / State Bar Committees) comprises of two 1.5 hour sessions on Professional Indemnity Insurance; and Practical Components of Solicitors Accounts and Undertakings.


Upon completing this final component, the pupil is deemed to have successfully completed the Ethics course.


For enquiries, kindly contact Mr Saiful Rizal from Admissions Department:

Tel: 03-2050 2136


Petition Forms


For pupils in chambers that undertake pupillage in Peninsular Malaysia except Johore, please download the following documents:




For pupils in chambers that undertake pupillage in Johore, please download the document below:


If you require any clarification or assistance, please contact Puan Zurina at 03-2050 2140 or Mr Saiful Rizal at 03-2050 2136.



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