CPD Guide

What is a CPD Cycle? 


A CPD cycle will run for 24 months. The present CPD cycle started on 1 July 2024, and it will be concluded on 30 June 2026.


The CPD Scheme is currently mandatory for lawyers who were admitted to the Malaysian Bar from 1 July 1991 onwards, and pupils in chambers who have commenced their pupillage from 1 July 2016 onwards.


Failure to comply with the CPD requirements may result in penalty fines being imposed, but this can only take effect when the Legal Profession Act 1976 has been amended. Presently, non-compliance with the CPD requirements will not affect the renewal of Sijil Annual/Practising Certificate.


What are the Approved CPD Activities? 


The CPD activities are viewed as learning opportunities that suit your professional goals, and are verifiable by documentation. Please refer to the current CPD Guidelines for guidance on what may and may not qualify as a CPD activity.


How Many CPD Points That Should be Obtained?  



In each CPD cycle, lawyers are required to obtain at least 16 CPD points. If they meet the minimum requirement, 5 extra CPD points can be transferred to the next CPD cycle.


Pupils in Chambers

In the 9-month pupillage, pupils in chambers are required to obtain at least 8 CPD points. If they meet the minimum requirements, 5 extra CPD points can be transferred to the CPD cycle when they have become a Member of the Malaysian Bar. Depending on the date of admission to the Malaysian Bar, they are also required to obtain the remaining CPD points on a prorated basis.


How to Claim CPD Points?

For CPD activities that are organised by Bar Council and State Bar Committees, the organisers will submit the attendance records to us for processing.


For CPD activities that are organised by external providers, please email the event details and proof of attendance to cpd@malaysianbar.org.my. We will reach out to the organisers for verification.


Your CPD records may take up to four to six working weeks to be updated, as the data collected have to be manually processed and the delay in receiving attendance records from organisers may also affect this timeline. However, the CPD Department aims to expedite this process where possible. If you notice that there is inconsistency in your CPD record, please email to cpd@malaysianbar.org.my and we will be more than happy to assist you.


What Should You Do If You Want to Check Your CPD Points?



Lawyers can view their CPD points on the Advocates and Solicitors online portal, or download the Malaysian Bar mobile application, which is available on Apple Store (iOS version) and Google Play (Android version).


Pupils in Chambers

Pupils in chambers can email to cpd@malaysianbar.org.my to check the CPD points that they have obtained.


Note: The CPD points that you have obtained during pupillage will not be reflected on the Advocates and Solicitors online portal and the Malaysian Bar mobile application.


What is the Attendance Policy?


The attendance policy mandates that the CPD points assigned to a CPD activity will not be awarded if you:


  • arrive more than 15 minutes late;
  • are not present throughout the CPD activity; or
  • leave before its scheduled end.


Lawyers and pupils in chambers are strongly encouraged to comply with the attendance policy.




You are eligible to apply for exemption from the CPD Scheme if you have fulfilled any of the criteria below:


  • Aged 75 years old and above with at least 10 years of legal practice
  • Suffer from serious health conditions
  • Have at least 30 years of legal practice


Please download and complete the application form here, and submit it to cpd@malaysianbar.org.my.



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