CPD Clusters


(1) CPD Camps
(2) CPD Prime
(3) CPD Roundtable
(4) CPD on Demand
(5) CPD Legal Craft


CPD is constantly evolving and has since developed different clusters of activities that are specifically tailored to the changing needs of lawyers and pupils in chambers to support their professional development journey.


CPD Camps


CPD Camps are substantially subsidised intensive immersion training sessions – in the basics of selected practice areas.


They are specifically geared to benefit Members admitted to the Malaysian Bar from 1 July 2011, and pupils in chambers who commence their pupillage from 1 July 2016.


CPD Prime


CPD Prime aims to provide legal practitioners with specific legal training at a higher level, and are an extension of the CPD Camps that provide training at a basic level.


It will require participants to have prior knowledge in specific areas of law, and participants will be expected to engage with the trainer(s) in the interactive sessions.


CPD Roundtable


The CPD Roundtable initiative was created to provide Members and pupils in chambers with the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. It enables Members and pupils to decide what, where, and when to learn about legal issues of their choice. This usually entails the use of informal spaces in which Members and pupils in chambers can explore, and engage in conversations, about the law.


The in-house legal training roundtable also allows law firms to provide training to their legal personnel in accordance with the specific needs of their firms.


Click here for more information about how to conduct a CPD Roundtable.


CPD on Demand


CPD on Demand is the Bar Council’s alternative learning modality, which has provided online delivery of learning content since August 2014.


Click here to access the online learning platform.


CPD Legal Craft


CPD Legal Craft is a CPD activity that focuses on writing for legal content. It enables lawyers and pupils in chambers to obtain CPD points through published content on electronic or printed platforms that are recognised and approved by the Bar Council.  These may include regular media outlets, blogs, websites, periodicals, and etc.


Click here for more information about how to submit articles for Bar Council.



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