Course on Effective Written Advocacy

10 Apr 2021 - Sat / 1 day / 9:00am - 12:30pm / Webinar

Written advocacy forms an integral part of court work, often replacing or supplementing oral advocacy for hearings and after trial submissions. It is therefore of paramount importance that your written work submitted to court is effective and persuasive. This is an online Civil Advocacy Course that comprises two sessions on 10 & 17 April 2021.

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Written advocacy forms an integral part of court work, often replacing or supplementing oral advocacy for hearings and after trial submissions. It is therefore of paramount importance that your written work submitted to court is effective and persuasive.

This workshop is open only to those who have successfully completed either the Civil Advocacy Training Course or the Criminal Trial Advocacy Course, conducted by the Committee.

This workshop will be conducted intensively and require participants to submit their written work to the trainers one week before the course, based on case studies provided to the participants in advance. The workshop will commence with presentations on effective written advocacy from the perspective of a Judge and also of an Advocate.

It will then be followed by personal, individualised and comprehensive reviews of the written work of the participants by experienced advocates and judges. Participants will then be given the opportunity to rework their written submissions and deliver them to the trainers for a further review on the subsequent day.

The training follows closely the training method adopted for the advocacy training courses organised by the Committee and will cover aspects which the trainers feel would assist to improve the written advocacy of the individual advocate.


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