CPD Live | Syariah Regulations Governing Real Estate Hibah and Its Relation To Recent Conveyancing Procedures

27 Nov 2023 - Mon / 1 day / 3:00pm - 5:00pm / Zoom
This session will explore the fundamental concept of hibah in Islamic law and its relevance to real estate transactions and gain insights into the essential practices and protocols of real estate conveyancing. The speakers will discuss effective drafting techniques, analyse real-life case studies and delve into the legal implications of hibah in real estate.
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In this edition of CPD Islamic Estate and Management Series, the speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • Understanding Hibah – Explore the fundamental concept of hibah in Islamic law and its relevance to real estate transactions.
  • Conveyancing Practice – Gain insights into the essential practices and protocols of real estate conveyancing, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  • Effective Drafting Techniques – Learn practical strategies for drafting precise and legally binding hibah documents, aligning with conveyancing standards.
  • Case Studies – Analyse real-life case studies to grasp the nuances of successful hibah drafting and its impact on property ownership and inheritance.
  • Legal Implications – Delve into the legal implications of hibah in real estate, including rights and responsibilities of parties involved, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the process.
  • Q&A Session – Engage in an interactive Q&A session to clarify doubts and gaining further insights into real estate hibah drafting.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge in real estate hibah drafting within the framework of conveyancing practice.  Join us for a valuable learning experience that can significantly impact your real estate transactions and legal practice.


Murshidah Mustafa is the Treasurer of the Malaysian Bar for the terms 2021/2022, 2022/2023 and 2023/2024.  She served as a representative of the Kedah Bar Committee to the Bar Council for the term 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

She was the Co-Chairperson for the Bar Council Professional Standards and Development Committee (2021-2022) and the Co-Deputy Chaiperson of the Bar Council Professional Standards and Development Committee 2019 to 2020 and 2018 to 2019, Deputy Chairperson of the Bar Council Mediation Committee (2019 to 2020), Deputy Chaiperson of the Bar Council LawCare and Welfare Committee (2019 to 2020), and Deputy Chairperson for the Bar Council Small Firms Committee (2019 to 2020).

Murshidah is experienced in conducting seminars and webinars related to probate, grants, wills, faraid and other related issues on property management of Muslims.


Mohamad Redzuan b Idrus was admitted as an advocate and solicitor at the High Court of Malaya in Penang on in 2002.  He is a partner at Fariz Halim & Co. and experienced in the field of conveyancing and general litigation and inheritance. In 2020, Redzuan was commissioned as a mediator.

He is also one of the founders of the Persatuan Guaman Hartanah Malaysia in 2015 and was appointed as its Deputy Chairman from 2015 to 2020.

Redzuan is frequently invited by the government and private agencies to conduct seminars related to real estate, corporate and the management of inheritance.  This includes SOCSO, CIMB Islamic Bank, PlanMalaysia, Inland Revenue Board, LPPKN, JKP Sdn Bhd, Penang Development Corporation, Seberang Perai Utara District Land Office and many more.

In 2022, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Proceedings Sub-Committee at the  Penang Bar Committee for the 2022/23 term and has been the project manager for the Penang Bar Committee’s Inaugural Conveyancing Conference 2022, a relatively large physical conference post COVID-19.

For the 2023/24 term, he holds the position of the Co-Chairperson of the Islamic Finance Committee at the Penang Bar Committee.

Redzuan has developed various professional modules for legal practitioners including "Professional Hibah Drafter" together with Mawardi Che Man and several other legal practitioners.

His book entitled "Analysis of Current Grants: Absolute, Trust, Collateral and Conditions" has been written with two other writers and published in 2020.


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